FreedomTwoLove is a brand that aims to fight against the injustices targeted on the LGBTQ community while encouraging those within the community to build resilient confidence within themselves and raising awareness of what's going on within the community. Freedom is defined as the power to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint, love is unconditionally self-explanatory, and "two" is used as unique wordplay to be inclusive of both gay and lesbian love. This brand is different from every other LGBTQ-ally campaign because it strives to bridge the gap that currently alienates those of the LGBTQ community from their heterosexual peers by creating a safe and supportive space for dialogue through events and monthly blog postings for those of the community and others to generate open conversations about the negative biases and stereotypes that are present and evident in today's society.  

About The Founder & CEO of FreedomTwoLove, LLC.

Rena Ingram is an LGBTQ+ activist, blogger, and motivational speaker who works diligently to break down the societal barriers against the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender communities while helping those within the community learn the importance of loving themselves regardless of those negative ideals.

Rena, a native of Augusta, Ga., came out to her family and friends in high school (2008) despite both realizing and battling her sexual orientation early in the 5th grade. Even though she has since been presented with numerous obstacles based on her sexuality, she has refused to allow that to determine or hinder her capabilities. While attending Fort Valley State University, she held numerous campus leadership roles, such as Student Government Association Vice President, became a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated, and accomplished various scholastic achievements as she maintained a 4.00 GPA while obtaining her Bachelor of Science in Chemistry with a Forensic concentration. Rena earned a Masters of Chemistry degree from Georgia Institute of Technology in 2017, and is now working towards her Masters of Arts & Teaching degree at Kennesaw State University.

During her senior year at Fort Valley, she took her initial stance in the gay rights and equality movement as she held her very first #NOH8 event called, “Addressing the Misconceptions of the LGBTQ Community.” In 2015, a then alumna of the university, she was invited back to the campus to hold which she rightfully called, “Part II.” After noticing the continuous outpour of support, she decided to form her own brand that branched away from being in the shadows of the #NOH8 campaign and carried on her mission of providing spaces that allowed the LGBTQ community to tackle the injustices placed against them. While doing so, she began to publish monthly blogs that would provoke the discussions necessary to bridge the gap and help encourage those within the community on their path of self-love as they seek assurance in their lifestyle choices, such as “Sexuality & Religion,” “More Than Caitlyn Jenner,” “Dear America…,” etc. She also releases news stories to keep those who visit her site informed on everything that's going on with the LGBTQ+ community.

As a motivational speaker, Rena has been invited to speak at and for several events and institutions, such as The University of West Georgia and the Atlanta Police Department, to not only address and provide the platform necessary for efficient dialogue on LGBTQ topics but to ensure that those within the community are properly respected in every environment. As the brand creator of FreedomTwoLove, Rena continues to prove that she isn’t afraid to face any backlash or negativity as she stands in the forefront to be a voice for her community. 

Distinguished Honors & Recognition

  • 2017 Best LGBTQ+ Blog/Website, Georgia Voice - 2nd Place