Freedom Two Love

African Americans weren't the first slaves - we were just sold to the highest bidder. I guess you're wondering the relevance. Telling me I can't love the person I chose to is mentally similar to striking me on my back just because I'm black. You're enslaving me based on the ideology of what you think love should be and that it is not what I seek. Your ignorance is the whip and my dying desire to do what you can't seem to fathom is what makes me follow the brightest star to escape from you. I'll always do what makes me happy.

Yet, you ask what irritates me the most? Men these days think a woman turns to the same sex just because another man did her wrong, when all I did was treat the same thing you chose to take out in a heavy duty bag every night at 8 p.m., as my treasure. Don't get me wrong, the same bullshit that happens in your s t r a i g h t world happens on the other side. So please change your thought process because the last thing they want to do is leave the trifling man that did her wrong for an even worse woman. Don't blame another sexuality for your lack there of, baby girl just wants to find love. If it isn't you, it's another man - or a woman who possesses the same curves similar to her own. Let her choose.

I would ask that you pardon me for choosing to love a beautifully sculpted woman, but then again that would make me apologetic for who I am...which I could never be sorry for. So, while you enslave me in your brain for my behavior that you seem to categorize criminally because you "claim" it does some sort of harm to you...I'll continue to live, but then again, what is justice in America anyway?