Dear America...

Despite the tears of happiness I shed the morning of  June 26th for #LoveWins, I am morally disgusted. Not just in the opposing reactions, but in some actions of my community as well.

I've seen posts of happiness, but I've seen expected posts of hate. In my position, similar to many of my counterparts, the voiced disapproval is expected because you are indeed entitled to your own opinions, but it is just some things I can not stand for. "Same sex marriage equals a first class ticket to hell...I'd rather be a fornicator than stink in the nostrils of God!" Excuse me, but you don't know how stupid you actually sound. My belief in the loving and caring God that I serve is not a facade, but it does not correlate with your fantasy that his plan was created for a certain group of people as he hates another. No, being gay is not appealing to him, but neither is any other sin. Since when is my sin greater than yours? No, ideally, I do not want to be in hell and my relationship with God (who I am fully aware is the alpha and omega) is not up for discussion; but, in a much desired response to your sentiment, I'll have a chair waiting for you next to me. Or do you not recall the many sins you seem to be living ever so comfortably with. Your closet door is open, might I add...

I've dreamed of the day that I could marry near, or in, my hometown. My ideal of "Baby, we don't have to run to another state to be us," is now a reality. I never expected to cry, but I sobbed like a baby, not realizing that I had mentally subjected myself for years to slavery due to what America mentally justified as normal. I've read: "The institution of marriage is now destroyed.." but how? Is that based on your well being or what helps you sleep better at night? You don't have to come to my wedding. Hell, you won't even be a thought when the time comes to create a guest list. Moreover, to tell me you don't support my decision but you still want to be my friend is senseless. According to a friend of mine, "It's basically saying, 'I don't like who you are but I will still be your friend - I guess." To be gay, is to be me. This is who I am. No, it is not a requirement for you to be LGBTQ to be my friend, none of my best friends are, but they respect and support me completely as an individual. If the people in your life don't, they don't deserve to be around. Get them out of your space, immediately!

"Forget the SCOTUS vote, they are distracting y'all from what's really going on with the KKK and all these churches being burned down." No one has forgotten and no one is saying it doesn't matter. If you haven't forgotten then why are you so worried. Let us have our moment. If the decision doesn't effect you, then continue to live your life and not be so focused on my focus. This victory doesn't make the black churches being burned down any less important. It is just another added victory. LGBTQ members aren't fighting against y'all nor do we want this issue to be pushed to side. Realize that some of us are black, too. If anything, you are causing a division within our black people more by even posting that with likes validating your selfishness. We have an extra mark against us being black and gay. So let us be happy and exist in this moment. Don't try to redirect our joy.

To the LGBT community, yes. We are now a big step closer to being able to live our lives, but it is totally unacceptable to make a mockery of God. There are pictures floating around the internet of a man kissing Jesus on a cross, and etc. You have officially taken it a bit to the extreme. You give someone an inch and they take a mile. There are ways to tastefully and respectively celebrate. The US Supreme Court vote was 5 to 4. Be happy, but be humble.

Marriage equality won't solve everything, but this is major. So, I encourage you to celebrate, wholeheartedly, but let your joy be short lived and masked as you realize the fight isn't over. Now, you have an higher ranking patch on your uniform, so fight with a bigger sense of pride. The ruling won't stop judgment, or hate crimes. The ruling won't make people understand, or attempt to. The ruling won't stop sticks and stones...but the ruling makes everything you endure from this point on hurt just a little bit less.

God bless.