Sexuality & Religion

Most won’t even comment on this subject, while others readily throw the bible with a fast pitch. People will try to shove the bible down your throat and brand a scripture to your forehead, while they negate the scriptures that teach them not to judge. Or do you read what’s only suitable for you?

The double standard Christian.

People only think of the “gay sin.” Yet, all sins are equal. They sleep with a married man while forgetting about adultery and disrespect their parents while forgetting “thou shalt honor thy mother and thy father.” I’m calling your bluff.

Or are you the closet Christian? You just pull it out and wear it when you want to? Monday. No? Okay, well how about Wednesday for bible study? If your answer is still no, will we catch you in time for Sunday service? It’s strange how you are so much of a Christian, yet only go to church on holidays and when your life is good. Well, allow me to be the first to apologize that my lifestyle isn’t as removable as your worship.

However, after reading this last paragraph, I want you to tell me how you feel. (There is a point here.) Did you feel like I was judging you? You felt like “who are you to determine my relationship with God,” right? …so how do you expect us to feel? (Did you catch it?)

 On judgment day, God will not ask you about me.

Your family members – whether it be mom/dad, aunt/uncle, and etc., will take you to church because they feel like you have strayed away from God, when they fail to realize that taking you to church won’t change who you are. Moreover, when we do go to church – presumably on our own, we are not there to confess to God that we hate who we are, but we are there because we know our own relationship with God. We are blessed with a sense of self that most don’t have.

 “Jesus loved the little children…all the little children of the world.”

Yes, God destroyed a city because it was full of sin, but allow me to invade and place in your mind this thought: If he hates how I’m living my life so much, why am I still so blessed?