An Abusive Confession

With every tongue stroke of truth, he faced a harsh reality. With every breath he hoped to feel more acceptance, but instead he felt more pain. As tears continued to fill his eyes, he wondered if the man he had looked up to all his life had forgot about the football catch days in the park and the baseball practices in the backyard. Had he forgot he was the one that taught him how to ride a bike or even how to stand up for himself as a man? He yelled out, “Dad!” with an accompanying cry only to be responded with, “Who?” Regretfully so, the last thing he ever heard his son say was, “Allow me to do you the favor.” 

Somewhere in the world there’s a woman that is constantly ridiculed by her mother. A mother that takes the term within itself only at face value. A mother who has stopped being a mother because she can’t live with the results of the years she took to teach her daughter how to love herself and be happy. A mother who would rather turn everything in her daughter’s path from sugar to dust and cringes at the sight of those who support her. A mother who fails to realize that her daughter has a daughter of her own and has done far better than she could’ve ever done. What she fails to realize is that her actions will only teach her daughter to be an even stronger woman, so she still smiles and thanks her.

A physical hit isn’t the sole definition of abuse, and words filled with rage will surely fit the status quo. It’s too many people that go through similar types of situations that are overlooked. I’ve heard so many times before that you should watch what you say because you never know how close someone is to the edge, and everyone isn’t as strong to handle such harsh hatred as you may think. When God calls you home, he won’t ask you about me, but he will ask you how you treated me. So before it’s too late, ask yourself…do you have blood on your hands?


If you are someone in this type of torturous situation, it takes a warrior to be able to accept themselves despite what anyone else thinks. Know that you are strong! Your self-validation should rest in no one’s hands but yours, and if no one else has told you, I love you.