"OOOUUU": Having a Young M.A. Attitude

Although New Year's resolutions appear to be a thing of the past, we can always work to be a better version of ourselves daily. While some may still be hung up on the sexually direct "she make me weak when she deep throat" lyrics by Young M.A. – and the unspoken clarity behind it – we can definitely learn a thing or two from her open and honest swag. 

Music from the Brooklyn native began to make a rumble over the internet in 2014 with the release of "Brooklyn" the Chiraq freestyle, but after dropping her hit "Ooouuu" on SoundCloud in May of 2016, it wasn't too long before the entire world would recognize hip-hop's most jaw-dropping newcomer. 

"The Hip-Hop community is the least outspoken about gay rights." – Kid Cudi

Currently, the most visible woman in hip hop is a black masculine lesbian who isn't afraid to rap about the realness of life and how she lives it. Although there have been countless rappers from the LGBTQ community, there have been none of her caliber. Needless to say, Young M.A. has shaken up the male-dominated world of hip-hop – a genre that has a history of homophobia. Male rappers are allowed – or feel entitled, rather – to brag about their sexual escapades with women, but if the world isn't ready to rid of the double standards when it comes to its shock of straight women who rap about their sexual endeavors, then it surely isn't ready for those like Young M.A, but that won't stop her. 

"We are all people. Don't label me. I know what I am." – Young M.A.

“Cut the labeling, appreciate the art and ability” – a phrase that can be applied to everyone's life and one that should be targeted as motivation throughout the year. You don't have to be a doctor, scientist, teacher, artist, musician, or anything that you choose to be with your title having to be preceded by your sexuality or gender identity; instead, let your work ethic and what you have to offer introduce you to those that doubt you. If you don't appreciate anything else, the one thing that can be found remarkable about Young M.A. is that she is true to herself. It doesn't matter if you're straight, gay, trans, neither, or etc., you should do the same. Don’t be a puppet. Challenge everything normal & break barriers like you're eating them for breakfast. Let this be your resolution. 

Although Young M.A. remains an unsigned independent artist (with many major labels waiting to sign her), her constant authenticity and humbleness despite the instant fame that partly exists as result of who she is, makes me want her to succeed that much more – alongside the fact that she’s an incredibly insane and talented rapper. Even if she becomes just a one-hit wonder (which I expect and desperately hope not), the fact that she made it this far is beyond noteworthy.