Love the Sinner, Hate the Sin

I’m just gone to get straight to the point and start off by telling you something you already know. Regardless of who you are or what happens in your life, someone - or a few - will always seem to appear to place their personal beliefs and opinions onto you and what you do. Yet, what you probably haven’t thought much about are the instances where their personal and unwanted opinions draw a fine line within relationships.

Take a moment and imagine if you were to tell your best friend that you found out a part of your ancestry was of a different race, and they told you they wouldn’t fool with the ‘white’ or ‘black’ part of you because they don’t like those type of people. As you sit in that moment and imagine it, how does it honestly make you feel? I’m gonna go ahead and assume one of three things, 1) you feel like your heart just sank to your stomach because after all, this is your best friend saying this, 2) you’re mad as hell because you would never imagine them saying something of the sort, or 3) you’re just happy to have them accept you in spite of.

“Although I don’t agree with homosexuality, I still love you and I’m still your friend.”

Members of the LGBTQ+ community come out to their friends every day and most, if not all, hear this statement from at least one person they’ve befriended. I heard it a few times after I came out, and trust me when I tell you those individuals are no good for your life. Religion is a powerful thing, but when it’s used to bash and alienate pieces of others, it is powerful in a wrong descent. Let me break it down for you. Although is a conjunction that means “even though” or “in spite of”, which is primarily indicative of a statement that holds an exception or excuse. In other words, you should already know some bullshit is on the rise. I don’t agree with homosexuality is the RSVP to an undelivered invitation that extends a personal belief onto a piece of news that is meant to be revolutionary, exciting, and free as it symbolizes a burden being released. I still love you and I’m still your friend is to let you know that they are willing to forgive and forget the part of you that they disagree with, but only because of the friendship you’ve built. 

Don’t settle. 

If you ask me, throw the whole “friend” away. You, as a person, deserve more than those that make exceptions just to be around you. If they aren’t going to accept all of you, they’d do more justice not even being in your circle. You may be wondering how the race example used in the beginning correlates to highlighting exceptionalities of sexuality, but understand that both of those things are nonmaterialistic pieces of who you are. Just like you can’t apologize for being mixed with races that are targeted with prejudices, you should never apologize, minimize, or hide your sexuality just to remain a part of the crew, brew, squad, or whatever else you call those you hang around the most. Honestly, ask yourself, is it better to be quiet and hide or have the luxury of being who you are openly? Forget if you make others uncomfortable and refrain from continuing to provide pillows and blankets to people who feel like they can only truly love a part of you.