#ReclaimingMyTime: Don’t Let Your Story End

“I settled for this type of treatment because I did not see myself worthy of something better.”

There is a moment in our lives where we become enablers of what we receive and accept from the situations we are in and the people we are in them with. Everybody’s battle is different and most seem to hide behind a mask of strength they were taught exudes honorable mention because it’s the only thing they know how to do. However, as we begin to walk in the midst of Suicide Prevention Month, we must follow the steps of our favorite Auntie at the cookout, Maxine Waters…

Reclaim Your Truth!

Some individuals, both within and outside of the community, allow the considerable progress made on behalf of the LGBTQ+ community to serve as a substitute of glory in place of the progress that has yet to be made. We tell ourselves that we should be happy with where we are at this moment as if it wipes away the magnitude of hurt we previously felt by the oppressive actions of others and the ones we inflict on ourselves. We allow what we can and cannot do to be guided by our sexuality and what other people can handle at the sight and thought of us; and for some of us, we allow that level of oppression to put a time stamp on our lives. Ultimately, we allow our sexuality to be used as a crutch and an excuse – but we must do better for ourselves.  

Reclaim Your Power!

No longer should being a lesbian serve as an excuse that adds to the presence of double standards against our brothers in the LGBTQ+ community. No longer should being gay be an excuse for why you remain on the down low because you’re too afraid society will question your manhood. No longer should America’s blatant disproval of transsexuality serve as an excuse to why the death toll of our brothers and sisters continues to rise. No longer should the fear of telling your family be an excuse as to why you keep your partner or live your life in the dark. No longer should “although I don’t agree with your lifestyle, you’re still my friend” serve as an excuse to why you’ve allowed yourself to settle in the company of some of those around you who don’t love you entirely. No longer should homosexuality be used as an excuse for why suicide is a better option than living.

Reclaim Your Time!

Live every day less apologetic for who you are than you were the day before. Put your foot down and stand firmly in what you will not settle for in your life, which wholeheartedly includes the negatively you receive from walking in your truth. Anything you run to to numb the pain is only an addiction – a normalized dysfunction that you hope, one day, will ease the pain. Trust yourself enough to walk through whatever hell you are going through and live boldly enough to love yourself when nobody else will. It doesn’t matter if anyone tells you, “no.” Give yourself the permission to tell yourself, “yes!” Wake up every morning, kiss yourself, and continue to write your story because taking your life or suppressing who you are will always be an excuse. You are a warrior!