When I thought about how I wanted to relaunch FreedomTwoLove, I could only think of telling the world about the immense joy I have when I think about marrying my soulmate. Often, when I write blogs, I provide a perspective on an array of topics that deal with the LGBTQ+ community, but in bringing you this platform, I find it imperative that I share my own authentic experiences of being free to love genuinely with you.

I met my fiancé in a time where love seemed scarce and the ideologies that I once had of love were pretty much non-existent. The first time I laid eyes on her was in October 2014 during my undergrad’s (Fort Valley State University) homecoming, and although I don’t remember the exact date, I know it was a Monday and 2 days before I had the audacity to say anything to her. However, when I spoke to her it wasn’t in search of finding love, but an inability to avoid being drawn to the figurative light that shined around her as she first became an honest friend, a listening ear, and a genuine supporter like no other – an angel on Earth. It wasn’t until September 6, 2015, that I decided to take our journey to the next level, and fast forward, a few days shy of 3 years later, she is truly the love of my life as we will become one on August 31, 2019.

On June 26, 2015, the Supreme Court made same-sex marriage a right that the LGBTQ+ community could enjoy nationwide, and when that announcement broke, I dropped to my knees and literally felt as if I had a chance at actually living the life I imagined…being a part of a union bonded by marriage living in a beautiful house that my kids can enjoy growing up in and the beginning part is, for certain, no longer a wish, a dream, nor an idea - it’s my reality. In a year, I will actually be able to say “I do” to the woman of my dreams without being governed on how to do it by negative societal mindsets who probably haven’t experienced love in its purest forms similar to what I am lucky to blessed with. This will be a step closer to making the life I imagined come to light, but it’s a step that many were never able to accomplish so it will simultaneously be a blessing that I will forever cherish.

To my future wife:

“Baby, you are the blessing I never prayed for but the one that I needed. So I guess when they tell you that God will put the right person in your life when you least expect it, they are right. He handpicked one of his angels just for me and I’m beyond grateful that he found me fit enough to walk this life with you. In hindsight, I can honestly say that you saved me from myself. You made me believe in real, non-conditional love again...the type of love that God speaks about in 1 Corinthians 13:4-5. I love you for everything you have been, everything you are, and everything you will be. Oh, and by the way, when you asked what I was doing, this was it. Happy Early Anniversary baby!”