IBM Introduces New Rainbow Logo

Diversity and inclusion are essential every day principles needed to establish a more unified world and the latest marketing move by IBM proves that corporate businesses should no longer be shy in their efforts to support those efforts.

“Today, I am proud to introduce a new symbol that will represent IBM’s

ongoing push for diversity, acceptance, inclusion, and open opportunity –

a rainbow version of our iconic 8-bar logo.”

-       Lindsay-Rae McIntyre, IBM’s Chief Diversity Officer

The International Business Machines Corporation, formally called IBM, is an American multinational technology company that develops and markets computer hardware and consulting services in areas such as nanotechnology. It is also known for its incredible inventions, such as the ATM, floppy disks, dynamic random-access memory (DRAM), etc. Nicknamed the Big Blue, this New York-headquartered company is one of the world’s largest employers with nearly 380,000 employees reported in 2016.

IBM is already very familiar with taking a stand for equality for all people regardless of gender, race, and orientation. In the 1930s, the company established an equal pay policy for men and women and enforced an equal opportunity policy 11 years before the Civil Rights Act was signed into law. Now only are they one of the first companies to incorporate sexual orientation into their equal opportunity policy, but they offer a variety of benefits in 53 countries to same-sex domestic partners or spouses of their employees in addition to the domestic partner benefits they began extending to their gay and lesbian employees in the US over 20 years ago.

“The rainbow is recognized worldwide as the symbol of LGBT equality,

and we are proud to fuse it with the emblem that has represented

our company for more than four decades.”

-       Lindsay-Rae McIntyre, IBM’s Chief Diversity Officer

                                                                            IBM's original logo (left) and their new LGBT-inclusion logo (right). 

                                                                           IBM's original logo (left) and their new LGBT-inclusion logo (right). 

IBM has been named the most LGBT-friendly employer by the Workplace Pride Foundation (2014-2016), supported a pride walk in India, participated in an LGBT employment recruitment fair in China, and has protested against religious freedom laws that allow anti-LGBT discrimination in states like Louisiana and North Carolina.