Grant Barth

Levi's Officially Releases Its 2017 Pride Collection

Levi’s has released its 2017 Pride Collection and it comes as the fourth installment to the collection. The limited-edition line first debuted in Australia in February, then Asia in March and April, and has officially released today (May 25) in the Americas, Europe and is also available online.

This year’s collection is inspired by “Fight Stigma” which represents the company’s commitment to fighting for and protecting the rights of the LGBTQ+ community alongside the AIDS Memorial Quilt in which Levi Strauss & Company employees added their panel to the quilt as a tribute to their colleagues and friends in 1988.

“Fighting stigma on any level is important. And we feel that it’s our responsibility to stand up for the issues of our time. Levi’s has always been on this journey; doing the right thing, standing up for values and giving everyone a voice.”

-       Grant Barth, Levi’s Chief Merchandising Officer

The completely gender-neutral collection includes T-shirts and tank tops inscribed with a “Fight Stigma” logo, a T-shirt with a rainbow-infused Levi’s batwing logo, cutoff denim shorts, a trucker vest in dark wash denim with a “Silence=Death” logo, a baseball cap, a paisley printed bandanna with the rainbow version of the Levi’s batwing logo, and more.

                                                                        Some items from Levi's 2017 Pride Collection. ( Courtesy of Levi's.)

                                                                        Some items from Levi's 2017 Pride Collection. (Courtesy of Levi's.)

The company is a well-known vocal advocate of equality and has never been shy to support the LGBTQ+ community indicated by their long history of support for the community. In 1982, Robert Haas, their then-chief executive officer, gathered employees in Levi’s lobby to hand out informational pamphlets about HIV/AIDS and has donated over $70 million in grants alongside the Levi Strauss Foundation in more than 40 countries since. In 1992, Levi Strauss & Company was the first Fortune 500 company to offer benefits to same-sex couples and in 2007 it was the only California-based business to file an amicus brief with the state Supreme Court supporting same-sex marriage.  

100% of the proceeds will be donated to support the work of the Harvey Milk Foundation and Stonewall Community Foundation. 

Check out Levi's 2017 Pride Collection here