The Journey


In The Beginning…

Founder of FreedomTwoLove, Rena Ingram, came out to her family and friends in high school (2008) despite spending years battling the truth about her sexual orientation since early in the 5th grade. Even though she has since been presented with numerous obstacles based on her sexuality, she refused to allow that to determine or hinder her capabilities. During her senior year at Fort Valley State University, she took her initial stance into the gay rights and equality movement as she held her very first #NOH8 event entitled, “Addressing the Misconceptions of the LGBTQ Community.” In 2015, a then alumna of the university, she was invited back to the campus to hold which she rightfully called, “Part II.” After noticing the continuous outpour of support, she realized that it was necessary for her to establish her own brand that branched away from the shadows of the #NOH8 campaign and carried on her mission of providing safe spaces that allowed the LGBTQ community to tackle the injustices placed against them, hence FreedomTwoLove.


Rena hit the ground running by publishing monthly blogs that would provoke the discussions necessary to bridge the gap and help encourage those within the community on their path of self-love as they seek assurance in their lifestyle choices, such as “Moonlight: The Fragility of Black Masculinity,” “When Oppression Becomes the Victim,” “Love the Sinner, Hate the Sin…,” and etc. She also continued to speak at and for several institutions and businesses, such as The University of West Georgia and the Atlanta Police Department, not only to enforce the need for a safe platform for efficient dialogue about LGBTQ+ issues in the community but ensure that those within the community are properly respected in every situation and environment. However, along the way, the message of love Rena continued to push came into fruition within her own life as she found the love of her life, Kia, who is now her fiancé and the new co-owner of FreedomTwoLove as she has proved to be just as invested in the mission and dream for the organization.


FreedomTwoLove 2.0

Kia brings a refreshing image to the already established brand which is set to resurface in February 2019 after spending a few months to rebrand and bring even more desirable content to the very people who love it most. Alongside supporters of FreedomTwoLove, Kia believes that the LGBTQ+ community should not be limited and held captive by society’s anti-LGBT symbolism of a rainbow. Thus, although we are staying true to our original logo, we are introducing a new gold lip logo that backs up our foundational principle, “LOVE IS…” A logo meant to be inclusive as our brand continues to work toward setting the example for our heterosexual counterparts and expands our outreach beyond LGBTQ+ related issues as we fight for equal love and treatment of all as love is both genderless and colorless.

When all Americans are treated as equal, no matter who they are or whom they love, we are all more free.
— President Barack Obama

Distinguished Honors & Recognition

  • 2017 Best LGBTQ+ Blog/Website, Georgia Voice - 2nd Place