The Mission


FreedomTwoLove is a brand that primarily aims to fight against the injustices that have been built against the LGBTQ community as our works are grounded by the foundational principle, and proven fact, that love - regardless of gender, race, and background - is simply and equally that…love.

Simultaneously, within our two-folded mission, we work diligently towards continuously pushing and encouraging the members of our community to:

  1. equip themselves with an undeniable armor of self-love,

  2. build resilient confidence to persevere against all odds, and

  3. remain aware of what’s directly and indirectly affecting us as a whole.

We use every opportunity to highlight and celebrate our own, yet we remain at the forefront of inclusiveness by setting the example for our counterparts...we love them, no matter how many times they hate us.
— FreedomTwoLove